Come-Peel Sessions-Fire Records

When I think of the band Come, what first comes to mind is pain, and not the sort of pain that’s fixed with a shot of whisky but rather the sort of pain that festers for years and simply finds no salve. Traumatic, visceral and narcotic is how I’d describe Come’s music to the uninitiated. Thalia Zedek has always been able to connote raw pain through her voice and that is on dramatic display on this record especially on a track like “Off to One Side” where the bluesy guitar transforms into a gust front of pummeling aggression. Thalia sounds as if she’s been through a harrowing adventure and lived to tell the tale. “Wrong Side” is imbued with a wrenching sadness that turns into a vengeful anger that is pure Thalia and devoid of any cliche or sugared veneer. I’ve heard this song live and it left me devastated.

Moving on, one of my all time favorite songs, “Mercury Falls” sounds even more tense here than the album version. Throughout the entirety of the record Thalia’s voice is literally burning the proceedings to the ground. Take for example album opener “Dead Molly”, on this song the band builds things to a tormented crescendo, which like molten lava obliterates everything in its path leaving only remnant memories that eventually disperse into the ether. Most bands mine a well worn musical seam, but this has never been the case for Come. They’ve always set their sights on conveying emotions that are conflicted, raw and pitched on the edge of human tolerance. This album is an absolute gem that shows a band working with incredible confidence and musical dexterity that to this day has never faded.

Jonathan Levitt -February 15, 2022- 4/5 stars

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