about our founder

Jonathan Levitt is a veteran of the China music industry, having worked for both Rock Records in HK and Nokia’s Ovi Music service in Beijing China as it’s Senior Music Editor. Jonathan is keenly aware that many Digital Music Services operate on an acquire as much music as possible whether it be from dubious origins or not and take it down only if pressed into doing so. He believe’s this brazen, wild west attitude has existed far too long and has hurt far too many an artist. Time was when piracy was rampant across China. Now as music services have matured and they have managed to procure quite a large paying audience it’s time for them to put up or shut up in terms of paying for the use of the music on their servers or to take it down. This is where China Music Police comes in.

Our team will at your request research the music of your artist(s) on various Chinese music sites and issue take down requests as well as demand an accounting of downloads and refer the matter to your legal counsel should it come to that.